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With the district's transition to distance learning, Technology & Information Services is dealing with an unprecedented increase in support requests. We thank you for your patience while our staff respond to the technology needs of staff, students, and the public.

  • Teachers must apply licenses in HMH Central(SAM) for content to be made available for their classes.
  • For security, IEP reports in PS are only accessible while on the AUSD network.
  • New students must first login to their AUSD email with their default password before their accounts are active in any other system.
  • Teachers preferring to use PowerTeacher Pro over the Gradebook may submit a request via the ticket system to be switched.

Notice: EBook Dash Platform Users - Due to some browsers no longer support Flash, accessing books from the Dash platform causes some issues. A recommended solution from Pearson - move to Realized platform.

6th-8th Elementary Grading Calendar

Trimester 1
Due: 11/4/19 @ 8AM
Trimester 2
Due: 2/23/21 @ 8AM
Trimester 3
Due: 5/25/21 @ 8AM

High School Grading Calendar

Warning Notices 1
Due: 9/11/20 @ 8AM
Quarter 1
Due: 10/9/20 @ 8AM
Warning Notices 2
Due: 11/6/20 @ 8AM
Semester 1
Due: 1/5/21 @ 4PM

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To protect the integrity of the system, passwords and usernames shall not be revealed to, nor used by, others. I am an authorized user of this system in my capacity as an employee of the Alhambra Unified School District.