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  • ** UPDATE ** HMH should now reflect 21-22 class rosters. Teachers may proceed to using HMH and all related products. The AVP/VLP for K8 is NOT being rostered across any curriculum platform. TIS is working diligently with the various vendors to resolve the issue.
  • An "Alert List" has been added to the left hand side of PS to help teachers identify alerts found in PS.
  • For returning students, registration must be done through a parent account. Student accounts are unable to register.

6th-8th Elementary Grading Calendar

Trimester 1
Due: 11/3/21 @ 8AM
Trimester 2
Due: 2/22/21 @ 8AM
Trimester 3
Due: 5/24/21 @ 8AM

High School Grading Calendar

Warning Notices 1
Due: 9/10/21 @ 8AM
Quarter 1
Due: 10/8/21 @ 8AM
Warning Notices 2
Due: 11/5/21 @ 8AM
Semester 1
Due: 1/4/21 @ 4PM

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